About the Elf

I go by many names in this world.  Certain names strike fear into the hearts of my enemies.  Others make them roll on the floor laughing until they pee themselves.  Everyone else calls me Lizzle.  Did you just start laughing?  Please don’t, that’s a brand new carpet!  Ok, if Lizzle is too much for you to bare, perhaps Liz is better. So call me Liz, Lizzle, or the crazy chick that runs the I ❤ Fantasy blog.

If you’re reading this, it can only mean one of three things.  First, you love fantasy and thought this blog might whet your appetite.  Second, you clicked on here because I posted the link somewhere out there on the interwebz and you were foolish enough to click.  FOOLS!!  Or third, and the most likely, you Googled “porcupines wearing swim trunks in the Alps” and this site popped up.  Don’t ask me why, you’re the one that Googled it.

And the journey begins. . .

My love of fantasy started at a young age like many fantasy lovers out there.  I remember sitting in my aunt’s living room around five or six years old and watching Willow.  The first true fantasy film that I could remember from that age.  The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, and Labyrinth were some of my favorites as a child, but I didn’t feel the love yet.  Films and television were my only windows into the world of fantasy, as I wasn’t much of a reader until I was in my teens.  Little did I realize how much I was missing out on by not reading.

In elementary school I befriended a girl that had a deep love for the book Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede.  I’d never read the books, but the way she described the characters and story, I felt like I had already read them.  We spent recess making up our own stories and pretending to be the characters from the book.  We had even decided to make a little film at school of our adventures, which didn’t exactly match the script in our heads.  School felt so exciting, not because I enjoyed classes (I can’t say I did exactly, ssshh don’t tell), but because I could expect to spend recess with her on the playground, pretending we were princesses with dragon companions.

That wonderful beautiful friend that I lost touch with, truly started my love of fantasy and dragons in particular.  Every time I see a dragon in a movie or read about them in a book, my first thought is of her.  If she still loves dragons as much as I do.  If she’s read this same book or watched this film too.  Thanks to her, I have a love of all things fantasy.

I was a kid that loved Barbies, princesses, Star Wars, and anything else that caught my fancy.  While other girls would act out Barbie falling in love with Ken and going to the mall, Barbie was never Barbie.  She didn’t go to the mall either.  Instead, she was whatever magical character I made up and with my other dolls and props, I would act out scenes from whatever epic story was in my head.

There was always a man and woman that fell in love, but it was a tragic love.  People would die, children would be born, sacrifices were made.  I never made a story simple.  Classics like Cinderella were never acted out like I had seen them in the film or read in a book.  There wasn’t enough drama for me, I had to add my own.  I began to think up stories that I hoped to someday write and publish.  One of those stories I’m working on now.

So you see, I love fantasy.  If you can’t tell, read over that again.  Still?  Damnit man, read it again.  If you still don’t know, go dunk your head in some water.  You’re driving me bonkers, here.


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