I’m not dead. . .kinda

I’m sure there will be some notice that I haven’t updated this blog in a while.  After a nice fun and busy-filled four day weekend at Flock, I spent the next week catching up on sleep and resting my sore legs.  Just when I thought I was feeling great, I pulled a muscle in my hand after some very poor packing by a cashier at the grocery store (gotta love lazy packing!).  So yes, much ouchies!  For a few days I was unable to do much of anything on the computer and what I did achieve was done with mostly the use of my non-injured hand.  Very slow work.   What did that leave me to do most of the time?  Try to sleep and read.  Not that I have been getting much of either.  My family is crazy! 🙂

I have three posts I’ve been working on for the last month or so.  One is my view on modernizing fiction and how some authors tend to go overboard.  I won’t go too much into this now, as this topic is for later and I don’t have the mental grasp to sit here and focus on a full blog post.  Another is inspirations for writing, the good and the odd.  The third is Anime–that’s all I’ll tell you.  So (soonish) one of these posts will be up and it will appear that I’ve actually accomplished finishing something.  Now if I could accomplish finishing a novel. . .